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Texas Ripple Bowl, Transparent Glass

Texas Ripple Bowl, Transparent Glass

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The Texas Ripple Bowl is a fun piece of decor that embodies the spirit of Texas. It’s a versatile item that can serve multiple purposes, from holding a large candle to storing candy or fruit, or simply being used as a decorative centerpiece.

Crafted from solid glass, the bowl features a painted star that is fused completely into the glass. This ensures the star is permanent and won’t fade or be wiped away over time, maintaining its vibrant appearance.

The bowl measures approximately 10.5" by 11" at its widest points, making it a substantial piece that can hold a variety of items. It uses transparent red and blue glass with translucent white, creating a visually appealing color combination.

Whether you’re a Texas native wanting to express your state pride or someone looking for a unique and functional piece of decor, the Texas Ripple Bowl is an excellent choice. Its combination of practicality and aesthetic appeal makes it a standout addition to any home


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